Dental Program

Providing Dental Care to Low Income Families

Alina Perez Ministries is committed to provide quality dental care for the poor, for those that are afflicted, and in distress, and oppress by pain and discomfort due to the lack of financial resources to attend to a dental clinic.

Nowdays it is almost unreachable and considered by the poor as a luxury to be able to attend to a dental clinic in Dominican Republic. Neither affordable for a family of 3-5 children due to the low income they can managed and because food lack of food is also an issue to them and considered a priority over than going to a dental clinic. The lack of Financial resources causes great burden on poor families. In Many cases the public hospitals are lacking of providing Dental Hygiene services because Public hospitals also are affected by the lack of financial resources.

The purpose of Alina Perez Ministries is to have a humble beginning opening Metamorphosis 14 dental Clinic that will provide services for 150 families in a local area and it will continue to grow as it develops , it will increase the expansion of establishing other dental clinics through out the rural areas where there is a great need till moving also internationally as dental Mission trips will take place.

Many poor children in Dominican republic are affected by missing teeth and gum disease, and this ministry intends to cover children's dental expenses by receiving charity and donation in our Ministry to support this community program. This Ministry asa non-profit organization is open and qualified by the Government to receive donations from different kinds of organizations and individual. These donations will be destined to cover children expenses as well as the Dental Doctors and Assistants and their administrative staff. The adults will be treated but required to pay a very small fraction of a cost of a local dentist . It is rewarding to bring back a smile in small little faces but also in the adults faces and this is intended to help adults recover their dignity and strengthen their self s steem.

The dental Hygiene services will be provided by Licensed medical doctors with excellent and carefully chosen personal of dental assistants. At the same time there will be an administrative staff and secretary, as well as volunteer personnel that will be in charge of doing administrative paper work and people that are to give adults and Children a Word of God that will strengthen them and comfort them. The Dental Hygiene program depends absolutely of the Charity and donations given by other organizations to Alina Perez Ministries and the program will continue to grow and expand as God Provides and manifest the Financial Support and resources to make it happen. The Ministry counts on the Volunteer services of qualified dental hygiene doctors, assistants, and missionary staff that will assure that every single of the 150 families that will be start servicing will be satisfy and strengthen by the Power of Demonstrating God's Love. 

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