Transformed Balanced Families: Focus on helping families to deal with interior and exterior issues of daily live adversities and pressures and Teach them how to overcome, fix and resolve the issues through receiving Christ as their Savior and receiving the systematic teaching of God's Word. This Goal will be accomplished By providing Couples, parents, single parent, teenage, children and elders counseling based on the application of Biblical principles in their lives. Also, help them recover their true identity, find their value, purpose and commitment to God and one another.

Humanitarian: Humanitarian efforts based on Biblical Perspective assist communities that are adversely affected by natural disasters and in extreme need of economic and basic resources for survival. Efforts include the distribution of food, clothing, personal care items, toys, clean water programs, shelter and environmental "green" projects.

Health Care,and Dental Care: Focus on helping people most in need, particularly women and children, by providing a strong concentration on health counseling based on Biblical Perspective, applying a health, dental care and disease prevention program. This goal is accomplished by providing counseling, medicine, medical camps, and supplying medical equipment, building up economic dental and health clinics.

Fitness and Nutrition: Focus on helping family members with the proper nutritional plan and fitness to motivate and encourage them to eat healthy and do exercise This goal will be met by Counseling and Cooking Training Programs as well as applying a strong fitness Training.

Education: Based on providing a wide range of educational assistance. The key focus is on basic, vocational and technical education through the provision of basic materials, textbooks, uniforms, computer training and constructing computer learning centers to assist students and educators. Training females to become Childcare providers and Extended Program Developers to enforced School Strategies and Potential Skills.

Empowerment: Focus is to improve living conditions of deprived families by developing, implementing and sustaining employment and business initiatives. This expands opportunities for families and communities there by reducing the occurrence of poverty.

Green: Beautification events are designed to protect the vitality and integrity of our neighborhoods and help revitalize neighborhoods by helping residents to combat deterioration, and Litter and applying a strong Recycling program which Includes the Green Preservation Projects.

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