Project Brick

 is committed to provide assistance for children who have all kinds of Chilhood trauma living in deplorable conditions due to lack of resources. There are many children in poverty in Dominican Republic, Brazil, Kenyatta, and many other parts of the world where the majority of the families observed common destructive patterns and behaviors that can only be radically Changed by God's Intervention in their lives.  The most common observed were  alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse within family members all kinds of mental illness,  violent  and aggressive behaviors in adults towards children or among themselves caused by Ignorance of the Love of God, and by the lacking of  spiritual instruction, financial resources and centers where they can go to receive the proper care and instruction to find the radical solution for their problems.

1. is Concern about Family Restoration. Families are the Crucial Brick, and the columms or pillars  in the development of a Stable and functional Society. For that reason,  its extremely important  to provide training that will develop individual's characters to become Strong Believers of God's Word and to teach them  how to in a practical way to overcome adversity in their daily life experiences. The families will be able to receive instruction and deliverance from drug abuse, alcohol abuse, overcome any kind of addictions, psychological and sexual abuse, all kinds of spiritual, mental, and physical diseases by becoming strong in Faith and all supported and based on Biblical teaching.
2.  Metamorphosis14.Org is committed to Provide  funding for Educational  Support programs with a strong Base in God's Word to help families become restored and  improve their living conditions, also to teach them how to develop sources of income for the financial support of their families such as: basic training in  computer skills,  mechanics, arts and craft, car painting, ceramic, cooking, graphics, designs,  develop environmental awareness  and be able to grow gardens and care for animals.
3. is committed to giving some financial support  to single mothers who often find themselves in a critical situation as being jobless, or became pregnant without being married,  or had a baby out of wedlock, in this way they can care  and provide a better future for their children. 
4. Another alternative for single mothers is developing training for them to become care takers and learn to take advantage of motherhood stage by formulating and receiving some sort of income in learning how to take proper care for other children as well. This is intended to empower them to become business owners. Also, this will create or generate sources of employment for other females such as becoming assistants, daycare keepers,cook, designers, plan developers, develop technological skills. They can be trained as well in art and craft, and texture and fabric designers as alternative of living and obtain profit and satisfaction from it.
This project was Divinely Inspired on the verse God gave to one of the Metamorphosis14.Org members in charge of the Creative Dept. of graphic designs unto whom God Spoke about the importance of Having God as the Foundation of Families. Teach Them about how to develop moral consciousness by developing spiritual awareness.
This was based and inspired in the Life of a Believer and her family that has being opened up and exposed to the world via all networks, a families of faith who are in these pictures are real people, who portrays the life of many believers all around the world.Who daily confront difficulties and go through adversity, struggles and painful situations. Families that are kept. by  God's Grace and by Faith in His Word they become Over-comers, more than Conquerors, and Victorious in Christ! Now by the same Grace, they are able to teach the world because this is not intended to sell you a product or a make up story as many out there are making profit manipulating others and selling them lies. I'm sure there are many people out there that can identify and Believe that "Impossibilities are POSSIBLE in God  because God is Able"!!!
God spoke about the book of Haggai that says:
The Latter splendor of this house Shall be greater than the former, says the LORD of hosts, and in this place I will give prosperity, says the LORD of hosts."(Haggai 2.9)

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