Why Radio

Each year more than 15,000 requests for radios flood in local offices around the world. Here's why...
While technology is exploding and handheld devices and social networking for many of us have become our primary sources of information and communication, in other parts of the world radio continues to play an important role in sharing the Good News (the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

  • Radio reaches people living in isolated and desperate areas of the world who otherwise would have no access to the Gospel.
  • Radio is the ideal medium to break through barriers of illiteracy. Radio allows 793 million people worldwide to hear what they cannot read.
  • Radios are prized possessions in remote areas; a single radio often serves an entire village.
  • Radios can be heard in countries and cultures where Christianity is forbidden. A Muslim or Buddhist interested in learning about Christ might not open their door to a missionary, but often listen privately to a broadcast.

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