Water Project

Humanitarian Relief: Water Project

Scarcity of Clean Water is one of the major Concerns affecting half of the world population and almost 1.6 billion people live in areas of economic water scarcity, where human, institutional and financial capital limit access to clean water, and even though water in nature is available locally to meet human demands.


In the Caribbean and many countries in Central America and South America as well as Africa are deeply affected by the scarcity of Clean Water. The Conditions are prevalent mostly in sub-Saharan areas of Africa where symptoms include lack of underdeveloped infrastructure. Populations are exposed to High Vulnerability to short and long tern drought, and difficult access to reliable water supply, specifically and mostly affecting directly rural people areas.


Millions of Children died before they reach age five and many adults also are being stricken with preventable diseases every year because they lack what the developed world takes for granted: Clean Drinking Water.


Africa is one of the main focus areas affected by water impoverished regions and the lack of Clean water claims the death levels of 4,900 children (not even reaching age 5) everyday. In The Sub-Saharan areas more than one child dies every minute from diarrheal disease, as a direct result of inadequate water source, or supply, poor sanitation and lack of hygiene.

Alina Perez Ministries is committed to work with different experts in the area of Digging Water Wells and this all is done not by the effort of one person or an specific organization but By Joining efforts and receiving Charity and Donations. 

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